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Sitemap to All Pages On This Site


Web Site Design

  • Web design and development - A brief overview of the web design advantages we offer
  • Search engine optimization - Every site we develop is search engine friendly and ready for proactive optimizing
  • Web site examples - Examples of previous web site designs demonstrating a variety of design styles
  • Web Design Information:

    The information in this section puts real world web design into common sense perspective

    • Avoid Land Mines in Web Design - The analogy of land mines is an appropriate one in describing the challenges you face when choosing a web designer for your small business
    • Web Design is for Humans - One of the most common errors in web design is neglecting the needs of the people visiting the site; this page helps keep things in perspective
    • Principles of Web Success - Here is a web design checklist to help you succeed with your web site
    • Web Lingual Explained - You've probably heard most of the terms and acronyms; here is an explanation of what they mean that doesn't require a degree
    • Freebies That Bite - Since we don't operate our businesses in a perfect world there are pitfalls that must be avoided and many of the dangerous scams are free
    • Better Than Free - Even free is a bad deal if there is no benefit, but when your investment pays you back many times over—that's a great deal
    • Benefits of Having a Web Site - Aside from discovering the benefits to a web site, check out our most “republished without permission” page; it's so good people copy it without asking
    • Doing Your Own Web Site - Here's something you won't find on very many web designer sites—advice on how to successfully create your own web site
    • 7 Secrets to Online Business Success - A free resource that requires no action other than clicking on the link

Graphic Design

  • Graphic design - A brief outline of the kind of thinking behind our graphic design services
  • Graphic design portfolio - This one is probably a lot different from what you're used to seeing; it provides a glimpse of work spanning decades along with more recent examples, and demonstrates a more unique hands-on experience with the production end of graphic design
  • CorelDRAW Graphics Articles:

    These articles are more for graphic designers than clients, but anyone using CorelDRAW will benefit from them

    • Using Corel to Conquer - Many graphic design professionals despise Corel; company owner and author Steve Chittenden challenges that sentiment
    • The Secrets of File Sharing - File sharing is one of the most basic functions of being a graphics professional; here are some guidelines for doing that successfully
    • Expert Design Strategies - This covers some common pitfalls that occur when files are shared for professional production and how to detect and avoid them
    • Beating Graphics Into Submission - As an ideal follow up to the above, this article demonstrates correcting problems with graphics and introduces “friends” that are covered next
    • How to Use Your Friends - The operative phrase to summarize this article is turning chaos into order; sign makers will especially appreciate this one
    • So Simple it's Dangerous - This is a confession that Corel has a serious flaw, it's easy enough to use that it often falls into the hands of people who should be arrested for possessing it
    • Ready, Set, DRAW!!! - What good is a drawing program if you can't draw with it? Yet the techniques for drawing are not well known so a simple demonstration is given here
    • Don't Try This in a Clay Hut - You'll understand the title when you read the article, but this demonstrates a useful capability you can use in CorelDRAW that the “industry standard” graphics program doesn't offer
  • Older Graphics Articles Using CorelDRAW 9:

    The titles are the same as above, but these are the original articles written in 2002 using CorelDRAW 9 and kept updated until 2007 (Don't Try This in a Clay Hut was not part of the original series)

Writing Services

  • Writing/copywriting and editing - Writing has to be one of the most widely varying services in existence when it comes to price and expertise; this page will provide you with insight into our approach to writing for your business
  • Writing examples - This sampling of writing examples is organized by category (such as web sites, promotional materials, etc.) for your convenience
  • Writing Team:

    • Meet the Writers - A listing of the writing team and brief profile of each one; more detail and writing portfolios are available for each writer:


  • Small Business Marketing - This may be the single listing under its own heading, but marketing is an integral part of every service we provide


  • Client Testimonials and Feedback - This is probably the most important page on this entire site; seeing what our clients say is far more powerful than any claim we make about ourselves

Company and Contact Information

  • Home - Our main page with overview of company and services
  • About U - The U is not a typo; our service is not about us, it's about you
  • About Us - This is the page that gives you more information about us so you can know a little more about the people who strive to help you promote your business
  • Policies and Pricing - Our Privacy Policy is simple: your information is not sold or shared; also found here are other core values we hold as a company and how easy we make it for you to do business with us
  • Job Opportunities - This company is not an island, other skilled professionals are needed to increase the value we offer to our clients; if you are among them we want to hear from you
  • Contact Us - We use all forms of communication and your favorite one will be listed here
  • Request a Proposal - If you want to inquire about any of our services, the form on this page is the ideal one to use

Archived Computer/Technical Information

We do not provide technical services beyond those included with our projects, but the information on these pages will be of value to anyone in business

  • Computer Disaster Prevention - Small businesses are especially vulnerable to computer disasters since large companies know the importance of prevention; this is the alarm you'll wish you had listened to if you ever experience a computer disaster you're not prepared for
  • Computer Security Advice - This is another area where small business tends to be lax and too often at their own peril; some practical advice is given here to keep your computers more secure
  • Computer Backup Plan - With the advent of easy online computer backup services, this page is getting more dated, but the information still has significant value in forming a good computer back strategy