Yes You Can Build Your Own Web Site

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As the owner of Creative Business Services, I have spent over 15 years learning web design, search engines, and what does and does not work on the Internet. I use this experience to help other business people succeed on the web, and get more business; but that takes time and effort, which means it also costs money. A small business web site can easily cost between $3000 and $20k or more.

For many small businesses, this is a bargain considering the rewards. My clients can focus on their business while my company develops a web site that brings in more profit.

If you want to build your own web site, you most likely realize that there is an abundance of snake oil and scams. The good news for you though, is that there is one system in place with a proven track record of success. People whose technical skills are barely beyond the ability to use email are building web sites that bring in thousands (even tens of thousands) of dollars a month.

As you might guess, there is a catch. It takes time, effort, research, and carefully following the proven methods of success included in the system. If I simply built a cheap web site for you, and said, “Here it is, good luck,” it's unlikely you would make any money or profit. The same is true if you just have the tools and build your own web site.

The system I recommend is called Site Build It! (SBI). The short video below effectively illustrates that just having the right tools doesn't accomplish anything. You must know how to use those tools, and that's what makes SBI so unique and so effective. SBI reveals what you need to know, and provides the tools you will need.

In case you're wondering, I did not create SBI. Like any professional web designer, I am extremely skeptical of anything that suggests someone can go from techno challenged to successful web site creator without my services. After all, there is a good reason I earn my living designing web sites, and someone is always trying to scam buyers into shortcuts to success.

I've heard many claims over the years designed to separate uninformed buyers from their money. If I could have designed a system like SBI, I would have because the need for do it yourself web sites is quite high. It makes sense that people would love such a program if it actually worked.

Your skepticism will fade just like mine did when you look at one simple fact of the SBI system—the success. It is a statistical reality that most web sites fail, yet over 60% of SBI sites rank in the top 3% of the Internet. Before you get lost in the numbers, that just means SBI works. No one else can claim success even close to this.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Let me also address something you are probably wondering about. Why would a web designer reveal how you can successfully design your own web site? Most of my fellow web designers wouldn't do that. But most web designers are not marketers either, so they don't always see “the bigger picture.”

First of all, there are plenty of business people who could never justify doing their own site, so I have no reason to worry if you prefer the do it yourself approach. Here is something very important that non-marketing people often miss. No one is an island, and that is especially true on the Internet. Helping you succeed not only helps you, it helps others, and everyone wins.

One of the most powerful strategies of effective marketing is networking. As a simple example, suppose you live in a tourist town and created a site about all the best places to see in your area. The local businesses would gladly pay you to advertise for them. This would not conflict with your content either, it would actually benefit your visitors more since they would need food, lodging, and other recommendations. If those businesses needed web site design, you could point them to my company, SBI, or both.

As you delve deeper into the SBI system, you will see that the possibilities are endless. The best part is, your success helps someone else succeed, while it adds value to your own web site.

Discover how this can work for you.

The 2½ minute introductory video below gives you the option to view the full 30 minute video overview of SBI. Without exaggeration, it could be the best 30 minutes you ever invested. This system will save you thousands of dollars, and years of frustration over other programs that deliver only disappointment. SBI has a proven track record!

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