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As the owner of Creative Business Services, I am always interested in reliable people with skills in graphic design, web design, marketing, and writing. You do not have to possess all of these skills to be considered, it is better to focus on your strengths and do what you enjoy.

Please be aware that I am not “hiring” in the traditional sense. You will be an independent (freelance) contractor but you will be paid decently. We help small businesses to succeed and keep the rates reasonable, but that does not mean your children should be living on hot dogs. You use your skills, I’ll take care of the business details.

Creative Business Services is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It is not necessary though for you to be local here in Grand Rapids. I serve clients all over the country and beyond, even as far away as Australia, which is probably about as far apart as any two points on the globe. So you can successfully work with me from any location.

If you use email to contact me, please put something in the subject line that doesn’t contain common spam words. The form on this page is the easiest and best method of contact.

Thank you,
Steve Chittenden
Creative Business Services

PS: Any particular specialties and industry experience you have will be extremely valuable information to include in the Message field. You may not think say three or six months as a hotel housekeeper or restaurant server is important, but you never know how your seemingly insignificant experiences influence your unique qualifications for a given project. This is especially true if you’re a writer. EVERY experience you’ve had has been significant. However, I don’t expect a long, exhaustive list, just think it through and provide me with key highlights.

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