Paul with show host Jack Maxwell on an episode of Booze TravelerSmall business website designIf we could somehow get Myth Busters to do an episode about web design, it would take most business owners very much by surprise. So far, the closest thing is when Paul had the opportunity to appear on the set during filming of an episode of Booze Traveler. He’s shown here with host Jack Maxwell. Okay, so that’s not very close but it was fun.

Seriously though, with the sheer volume and popularity of companies promising you that you can build your own site in a matter of minutes and people will come flocking to your virtual door, either companies like ours really are unnecessary or myths prevail that have herds of business owners racing to the bottom. If an aesthetically pleasing site is enough to propel you toward success, then success is easy because you can’t go wrong when all you have to do is add your own content and the nice looking design part is cheap or free with an abundance of options from which to choose.

If you were one of those kind of business owners, you would be gleefully dragging and dropping content into one of those miraculous money generating marvels of technology and patting yourself on the back for finding such a bargain. Instead you’re here because you realize that life and business aren’t that easy and that professional web design is alive and well for a reason.

Before we follow conventional marketing protocol and kindly ask you to contact us to discuss your own web site needs, there’s one more vitally important point to be brought up. Most web site quotes do not include content development. We’re different. Unless you’ve already had qualified content created for your site, we automatically include that. Since it is literally the most important part of your site, it’s ironic that so many web design providers leave you to fend for yourself (kind of like selling a car and asking you to supply the engine).

With that point made, now you really should be contacting us.

Of course, you may want to check out some of our portfolio examples too.