Builders pretty much all use the same materials and tools, yet what they build differs greatly. It's the same with building your business. Getting to know you involves a discovery process that we transform into a winning strategy.


Your business isn't really about creating sales, let your competition play that game. Sales are a natural result of attracting opportunity. You are in business to solve someone's problem. Let us help you craft an effective presentation.


Once the discovery and strategy phases are properly covered, then it's time to create what sets us apart from the herd. Beauty is easy to create. Tools for that are readily available. Great content is more rare, but, “Content is king!”

Creative Design by Small Business Enthusiasts

The exact definition for small business varies so we'll start with a simple qualifier to help you be sure you found the right place. If your small business is between 1 to 150 or so staff members, then you're an ideal fit for the kind of small businesses we serve.

Small business does not have to mean small thinking. You'll be glad to know that with Creative Business Services on your side, the same principles big businesses use to succeed will be employed to help you thrive in your market. You can be great at any size and your customers or clients want to do business with someone great—not necessarily someone large.

We can safely conclude you have greatness in you or you wouldn't have read this far. Our objective, as small business enthusiasts, is to accentuate that greatness, and, help you attract the opportunities you need to be great to more people. Every web site we build, every design we produce, every word we write, is measured against that objective.

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Find out how creative professionals view competition and how that translates into a huge benefit for you and your business.

  • Chris Leonetti
    Steve Chittenden at Creative Business has done an exceptional job for our company and a new website. We had previously been using a different firm and found that many things with our site were a dismal failure and the previous company lost several of our site files without our knowledge. Steve spent an inordinate amount of time and energy to not only get our other sites back on track, but has created a new site for our pool dehumidification systems and has corrected the previous issues. His competency and knowledge in this industry surpasses expectations!
    Chris Leonetti, VP Sales and Engineering — DXair
  • Nathaniel Hucks
    I approached Steve about taking over my website. After our first conversation I gave him all the info he needed to look into my website. Within a couple days he was calling back with a detailed plan on how to fix the back end issues, as well as how we could move forward to not only improve the back end, but make the front end more user friendly. Steve has done a wonderful job. I have seen an increase of qualified, targeted leads. My revenue has doubled if not close to tripled since I handed off the keys. Steve has done an awesome job!!!!!
    Nathaniel Huckins, Owner — N. Huckins Construction
  • Stacey Nomrman
    Thanks much…oh and I heard something positive today about our Google ranking from a lady at Supermedia (typically telemarketers call in and say they can improve our ranking, we are ranked poorly, etc…). She said we are doing something right. My thoughts are finally one of them is doing something right in their research! LOL… Honestly, Steve, you are doing a great job and we really appreciate all you do for us! We have been very happy with our lead generation, so something is working!
    Stacey Norman — Breyer Construction & Landscape LLC
  • Steve Beurkens
    Before hiring Creative Business Services in 2002, we were without a website. After "shopping" around to see what was available for smaller businesses, I was extremely frustrated by the lack of originality and "canned" choices that were shown as package deals for what seemed like enormous prices. Creative Business Services gave us something better…a creative solution to our needs. Creative Business Services has done an outstanding job for H&L Advantage over the years, and I would recommend them for anyone's needs.
    Steve Beurkens — H&L Advantage