The Short Story Version

Owner Steve Chittenden founded Creative Business Services in early 2002, right as businesses were reeling from Nine Eleven only to be pounded further in the late 2000’s and beyond. As everyone is aware, these have not been easy times, yet “cbscreative” has been an ally to many clients helping them to prosper.

We could talk about web design because that’s been the primary service since day one and still is. But web design has no authority to which it is accountable. Literally anyone can set up shop and call themselves a web designer. That’s good there are so many web designers in the sense that it is a much needed service, but not so good because it’s far too easy for you to get burned.

Instead, the how and why are more important. We are particularly strong on making the presentation that reflects your business accurately. Your market is not “everybody,” you need to reach a specific market you can excel at, and our role is to help you achieve this objective. In a very real sense, web design is simply a tool, but it’s an effective tool in the hands of someone like us that stays focused on objectives and not just aesthetics.

That’s what we’re really about and we invite you to contact us to experience it.


For the More Seasoned Seeker

Our brief story above is deliberately lean because we know you’re busy and have a business to run. But for the curious we’ll follow convention and provide some of the human interest extras so you can get an idea of our more personal side. You’ll be experiencing that anyway since it’s such a vital part of our business model, but this will serve as a better introduction to the people behind this digital representation.

Creative Business Services has evolved to become a truly family business since all of Steve’s children have been adults now for several years. Here are the primary team members:

Creative Business Services operates on a lean model that includes a sizable network of independent professionals that can meet any need your project may require. This is especially important if you need design and content for a very specialized purpose.