Professional graphic design servicesWhen you take a graphic design file to a professional printer, sign shop, screen printer, etc., there are two things you can say to make them cringe, sometimes even noticeably:

  1. “I created my own graphic design.”
  2. “I had these graphics designed by a professional graphic designer.”

These people could tell you horror stories if you are willing to listen. The vast majority of the time, they have to “fix” such files to make them usable. Provide them with a design file from Creative Business Services and when they plug it in to take a look, they’ll turn around with a smile and say, “Looks great.” Then you can witness their initial apprehension quickly fade, their demeanor become more relaxed, and you’ll have made their day by not unintentionally providing yet another all too common problem for them.

I, Steve Chittenden, the owner, am a former sign guy, screen printer, and someone who has set up artwork for all manner of print production. And yes, I know what these people often have to deal with when getting customer supplied art. For the record, I’ve been involved in professional graphic design since 1981. I’ve since added web design beginning in the late 1990’s.

Graphic design ability is extremely useful for web design. Some people believe the computer means you don’t have to be an artist any more. I recommend you put as much distance between you and them as possible. When you need graphic design beyond just your web site, that’s something we’ve been doing even longer than web design.

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