Professional copywriting servicesIf there’s one thing that truly sets Creative Business Services apart from the pack, it’s writing! Whether it’s for your web site and/or blog, company literature, sales letters, newsletters, email campaign, video production, you name it, we’re writers, connected to plenty of other writers.

In your business, you probably have competition. Writing is different. Great writers are not competitors, they’re colleagues. The need for great writing is endless. Each of us have our specialties. We admire each other and cheer each other on.

There’s another aspect to writing that non writers tend not to think about. It can’t be technologically advanced. There’s no button you can push and get great writing dispensed like a vending machine or drive through window. It is only achieved through gifted human effort.

When you were in school, they told you they were teaching you to write. They lied! They did (hopefully) teach you grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and so on, but writing can’t really be taught. It is a gift developed with time and practice.

Once mastered, the benefits to you are staggering. For one, it is under appreciated by most business owners. That alone provides its own advantage. While your peers treat writing like a commodity and settle for mediocrity, you have the opportunity to rise above and plunder their market. Maybe that’s mean, but us writers do have that nasty side when you turn us loose to exercise our competition crushing abilities.

Let us use our meanness on your behalf…


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