Okay, I’ve run this company for over 15 years, I’ve published numerous articles, I’ve been a “ghost writer” publishing blog posts and other content on behalf of clients, yet I’ve never published my own blog. It’s not as if I couldn’t or shouldn’t, I simply kept plenty busy doing for others, which although that scratches the itch to write, it’s not the same as being myself which at least I was able to do through publishing articles. Articles still are not like a blog.

In one sense though, by waiting this long I’ve had a chance to observe while I go about my business and personally mature, see the Internet mature further, see blogging run its course, and now I can offer something more valuable than I would have been able to had I just jumped on board because it was the thing to do. Now it really is about time and the extra years of experience will serve to make this blog worth your time to read.