Steve and Sheryl ChittendenI discovered my artistic talent in the early 1970’s at about 13 years of age. I’ve been involved in some form of professional graphic design since 1981 and began my first business as a sign painter in 1986. That led to a hard lesson in the importance of marketing as computer technology made its debut in sign making right at the same time. Prior to that, you either had talent or you couldn’t be in the sign business. Computerized sign making made the sign industry a target for marketers.

I came to the realization that if good marketing could allow people with no artistic background to sell signs with only a one week training program after paying a franchise fee, marketing skill for something with real value would provide even better results. The “anyone can be an artist now” myth because of computerization has only gotten stronger over the years but garbage in still means garbage out.

In a very real sense, today’s small business owners are facing the same kind of paradigm shift I experienced more than a quarter century ago, it just hit the creative industry much earlier. But it also prepared me to help you in this digital age. My company doesn’t just provide web sites. In the same way those strip mall sign shops had to sell you on price to woo you away from real sign guys, just being a web designer is the 21st Century equivalent.

Web design needs to be a business building tool. When done correctly, it’s an incredible value for the investment. That’s what I created this company to provide. I’m both artist and businessman. That’s a rare combination so I use it to your advantage. I’ll be glad to discuss your needs and help you create an effective strategy to address them.