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It's Not About Us, It's About You

Your Small Business Can Still Prosper

In case you thought the About U was a typo, it's not. Okay, we will tell you more about us if you're curious, and we won't bore you with mundane details either. But this page reveals how our services are focused on you and your success.

The name Creative Business Services was chosen because everything we do is creative. Without creativity, you just blend in with the background noise of your competition. The business services part is because we don't believe design services are enough. Sure, we do web design, graphics, and writing, but what good is that if it doesn't build your business?

In recent years, many businesses and the economy have taken a pounding. Opinions on the economy and what to expect vary widely. Here are some important points to remember in any economy so you become less focused on whether most people think it's either good or bad:

So while most of the world around you, including your competitors, are reacting to their perception of economic conditions, you can be responding to the market with proven methods. We can help you identify and seize opportunities so you can market more effectively. Simply contact us so your business can outmaneuver those who think marketing is just for businesses with deep pockets.

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It is easy to see that the business climate has changed dramatically in recent years, but many people are at a loss in properly responding to it. That is the reason this company was created. Creative Business Services is built on more than two decades of graphic design and marketing experience gained by its owner, Steve Chittenden; that is experience that will help you succeed.

Some of the most successful companies are young ones, run by young people, while older, well established companies are going out of business. This is not age discrimination. We are experiencing one of the most exciting transitions in the history of business and the opportunities are better than ever. You have the opportunity to adapt and prosper, but it will almost certainly require change.

Creative Business Services is a melding of experience, the advantage us “older” people have, and an understanding of technology and changes, the advantage the younger people would otherwise have over us. This company is built on the premise that the rules may have changed, but time tested wisdom still applies.

As our name implies, we provide the element that is often seriously lacking in today's market; that is the element of creativity. You probably don't need to be reinvented. What you do need is someone who can help you discover the hidden uniqueness you already possess and use it to your advantage.

That is what we do. By helping you be more efficient at less cost, and market effectively, we give you ways to succeed that are better than giving up profits and engaging in price wars. Simply contact us so we can evaluate ways we can help your business become more successful.